Are you a supertaster blog post at Rembrandt's Gallery and Wine Bar

Are You a Supertaster?

When it comes to tasting wine, some people have an advantage. It’s called “supertasting”, and it’s a superpower that YOU might have and not even know it! So how do you discover your superhero-ness without getting bitten by a radioactive spider? It’s easy, and it involves drinking wine (so of course, we’re all for it)!

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Pottery by Walt Schmidt at Rembrandt's Gallery and Wine Bar

New Gallery Arrival: Pottery by Walt Schmidt

Walt Schmidt is one of our most popular artisans here at Rembrandt’s. His pottery includes interesting and unique pieces – things like whistle mugs, baconators, noggins, and face jugs. Never heard of such things? Read on!

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Summer wine cocktails at Rembrandt's Gallery and Wine Bar

It’s Time for a Luau!

It’s the first weekend of summer, so we’re having a party! Tonight through Saturday, 5-10pm, join us at our tiki bar for wine cocktails, Hot Hawaiian pizza, Ace Pineapple Craft Cider, fire-grilled All-American Cheeseburgers and more! Wear your favorite beach or summer outfit (flip-flops, sunglasses, hats, etc.). Go to¬† to read more about it. See…

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